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    I'm W4RW01F, some guys know me as Dezibel and I'm a guitar playing and singing youtuber/livestreamer, that just started to take his content international.
    Actually I started making videso in 2011 and since then I never wanted to do anything else. After the german language became boring to me I just switched it and DERP now I'm here.

    Well, I played right now over 250 games and I only have like 100 in my steam list.
    The greatest achievement I'm proud of is my skill in shooters. Because It's what I've been growing up with.
    I just want to start a new youtube channel so I haven't a link right yet but if I found some folks to play (& record) with, I'll definetly upload some videos and more stuff maybe. I mean I started with Let's Plays and it wasn't that liked in my country...I don't know if someone would watch Let's Plays of some games that aren't new on my channel.

    After all, even my livestreaming channel isn't changed to english that far. My offlinescreen's still on english and I don't have a description written on my channel. Well, if you would like to watch, just take a lookie-lookie over here.

    At the moment I play BO3 and I rly love this cod, idk why but after a long time I like cod again as much as my PC.
    Also sometimes I play GTA V, Assassins Creed and Metal Gear atm.

    I'm not only a fan of cod, I'm a fan of every shooter. I have every CounterStrike title, I have many Battlefield titles, I have also plenty of Tom Clancy and Medal of Honor. AND, I also played a helluva MMO's (not only FPS).

    Last question to answer is - how long did I stream til now? - Well, actually and calculated with my old channel like 3 or 2 years now. Not constantly (school were to done back in time) but often.

    I saw this site here on TSviewer. Why I'm scrolling through that? Cos my clan is a bit inactive so...yeah...
    And I saw you support livestreamers, I thought myself "Hey, why not?" and then I found this site.

    Well I'm not soooooooo good to introduce myself. Just ask me smth if you wanna. But I'm a pretty nice dude to play together. So yeah, if you need an idiot like me, just ask me.
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