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By pixel on Mar 14, 2016 at 3:15 AM
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    pixel Administrator Staff Member has proven to be a bit much for the current staff. We're reaching out to the community to help us with the following (Note: At the current time, these are all volunteer positions):

    Content contributors
    Write articles/blogs/etc about ClubNub, the team casters, and gaming/streaming in general. A commitment of 3-10 entries a week expected.

    Forum Moderation
    Help us to maintain sanity. Keep things in order and make necessary changes as necessary. Answer questions and try to keep the peace.

    Graphics Artists
    Design emoticons for our partnered streamers, overlays, buttons, backgrounds, avatars, etc. Help to promote ClubNub.

    Video Editors/Compositors
    Cut together highlight reels, work with individual casters to create intro's/outro's/break segements, etc.

    Help to develop ClubNub over time.

    The above positions are NON PAYING/PURELY VOLUNTEER positions! We are looking for people who already are or want to be a part of ClubNub and possess these skills.

    We will, however, write glowing letters of recommendation and fully allow any and all of your work to be used in portfolios for acquiring gainful employment (Hey, if we're not going to pay you, the least we could do is attempt to help you get a paying job...)

    That being said, outside of use for portfolios, all writing, artwork, and video clips/composition will remain the sole property of and/or the broadcaster they were designed for.

    If you are interested, please apply directly within the comments or message ClubNub Staff on Discord.
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Discussion in 'ClubNub News' started by pixel, Mar 14, 2016.