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    Sup everyone! I know many of you already from hanging out in Leav's stream but here goes!

    I'm mid 30s, married, 2 kids (daughter 6, son 4) and I have a full time job in the Ministry. Love to play games though especially if they are turn based strategy games (XCOM, FFT, Fire Emblem etc) but really I'll play most anything except subscription MMOs. I also tend towards yelling BISCUITS instead of profanity and enjoy the rare times I can talk all my buds into some Shovel Squad action in Heroes & Generals with me.

    I also somehow managed to 100% both Spelunky and Terraria which is great for me because I SUCK at platformers almost as much as I suck at Stealth games.... this leads to a lot of FAIL-tainment and FUNstration on my stream. My channel motto IS "Come for the failure, stay for the fun" which I should really remember to say more often.

    I've streamed for just over 4 years on twitch but since I work full time I can only do a couple hours a night - usually that is 10pm til Midnight or 1am Mon - Fri. Recently several of my buds and I have started streaming some table top RP on Saturdays at 8pm. Follow me on twitter @Hillhomegaming and if you see the #CritsNDie tag you'll know I'm talking about the table top game!

    As far as goals for my channel? I'd love to just hit 1500. I've been stuck around 1450 for like 5 months now. It seems my new follower rate vs my attrition rate of unfollows has perfectly equalized! Long term I'll stream no matter what but I've been getting into more video editing stuff lately to trim videos for Youtube. Waiting on an intro/outro atm though before I really edit things down a lot for that however. Would partnership be great? Sure. Odds of me getting enough people through in the couple hour time slot I use because that's what my schedule allows = very low however. But that's ok - it's all about having fun anyways :D

    I'd say that about does it....
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    Cool cool man! When you say "ministry" are you referring to a type of church work?
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    Yup church work indeed. Not you know like foreign ministry although that would also be a pretty neat job to have!
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    Ahh tight man yeah I have a ton of friends in ministry, I typically make the coffee Sunday morning or run the sound board haha.