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  1. DubstepClown

    DubstepClown New Member

    Dear Nubs,

    First things first..... I'm a CLOWN.

    Second things second..... I'm a tea sipping (while holding my pinkie out), fish and chip eating, bad weather loving mother trucking BRITISH man.

    Good day to you Sir's and Lady folk


  2. Leavaris

    Leavaris Administrator Staff Member

    I am the leavaris..

    I approve this message
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  3. Happyroof

    Happyroof New Member Content Author

    Can i ask one question why is thread name #HappyIsBae not complaining just asking <3
  4. DubstepClown

    DubstepClown New Member

    I made it when you was sulking because everyone was picking on you whilst playing quip lash! Can't have you upset haha
  5. Happyroof

    Happyroof New Member Content Author

    First off Mr.Clown you were the one that started it so you are to blame Kappa
  6. Draghpesoj99

    Draghpesoj99 New Member

    Gotta ask man, how do you drink your tea? I got some homies always supplying me with the real Chinese stuff, but I down some Earl Gray every now-and-again.
  7. DubstepClown

    DubstepClown New Member

    Chinese? Everything from china is that fake ass shit! May as-well brew some dried toilet paper after its been soaked in battery acid. I Just drink normal tea. or as you 'muricans call it... breakfast tea!