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    I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I go by Ausheteru, or Aush in most of my online games. I love to play Minecraft, I've played since just before the redstone update. I love playing with redstone and I can build some decent looking buildings. I also play simulator games, I'm currently also playing Prison Architect and I'm loving escape mode. I have never streamed, although I really want to. I have to wait for a better internet connection for that. I have made a few sub-par YouTube videos. I hope to see more of everyone in the future. Thanks! :)
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    welcome aush!
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    Welcome Aush!
    I love tinkering with redstone but have not keept up with it untill todays new technologies. I'm a bit better on the design and housing details, but I love sectret doors and hidden mechanisms. So maybe we can team up on a build someday? ;)

    Prison Architect is a grate game and I'm currently playing the new campain. Do you have any cool builds in it to post about? Would be interesting to see.

    C ya around! :D