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    A short bio about me? Well i am a pc gamer (mostly) even if i play on a toaster. I love to play Minecraft and Counter strike. My personal achievements in those games consist of many things but since it is an amazing list i would like to shorten it so i can tell you my many accomplishments later and you are still wowed. In minecraft i have mined over 30,000 blocks! Crazy right? In Counter Strike: Global Offensive i have almost 300 hours! Not too bad but not that good at the same time. I am silver elite working my way to global elite will be there before i die #goals. For social media i would like to include my twitter and twitch #FollowMe! twitter.com/happyroof1 and twitch.tv/happyroof or if you prefer twitch.tv/grumpyroof The goals of my channel is to hit a million follows overnight and just be rich and famous which can not be that hard can it? I have stream for approximately 2 minutes and 45 seconds! My schedule is kind of all over the place at the moment just trying figure when I have time to play video games and when I have time to stream so it is a hard choice but i usually pick video games over streaming. I would love some constitutive feed back that would be amazballs! #Hype #ClubNub4Life #<3 #YAYYYYY
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    trolololol, love the "constitutive feed back"
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    you are not going to give me any feed back? that helps me not!
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    I am happy to state that I have accomplished yet another feat of ridiculous awesomeness!!! I have achieved the amazing! Most spectacular tour de force! I have personally ranked up in Counter Strike: Global Offensive! I am happy to report to you that i am officially Silver Elite Master! I know this is very crazy and exciting! But I would kindly ask that you still think of me as a normal human just like you! It might be hard in the beginning but it will all become natural in time.
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    I am very to state again that i have picked up streaming as a fun/hobby thing to do for now until i get a better pc and take it a little more serious i cant wait for that day and look forward to meeting a bunch new people and making a whole bunch of new friends! I mainly stream hearthstone and Counter Strike: Source twitch.tv/happyroof
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    Man I don't know what it is but it seems that no matter how hard I try I just can't be good at Counter Strike `\_(ツ)_/`
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    Welcome Happy :p