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    #clubnub is a way to help our community streamers to grow, network, collaborate, and make friends. You are encouraged to promote each other, form new relationships and promote overall community growth.

    In addition, we hope to develop community servers and way for our viewers and the general community to benefit from supporting #clubnub.

    In order to make the community grow, you can help by doing the following:

    1. Setup your automatic tweets when you go live add the hashtag “#clubnub” to your title, or if you create unique tweets every time you stream, just add the hashtag at the end of it! This allows your Twitter followers to see the hashtag. Using the hashtag also allows other streamers to find you to support you.

    2. Host others in the community! Obviously, this doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but giving back to the community yourself will help it grow. Finding a random streamer using the hashtag and hosting/raiding them gives them joy and makes them feel apart of the community.

    3. Talk about the community! Talking is probably one of the best ways to spread information, in forms of verbal and text. Let people know about us!

    How will we help you to grow?

    1. Growth - Your personal community and stream community will grow over time

    2. Friends - By hosting and being hosted you will create streaming friends that will give back to you in the long run

    3. Network - You will be a part of a network of streamers and everyone is doing the same thing as you which helps to create a larger community
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Discussion in 'ClubNub News' started by MinecraftingDAD, Jan 5, 2018.