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    Welcome to ClubNub!

    We're glad you checked out ClubNub and are looking to introduce yourself and get to know our AWESOME community. When introducing yourself let us know all about you, the games you love, and your twitch or youtube channels (if applicable)! Consider offering the following information so people can get to know you:

    • Short bio about YOU
    • The games you love
    • Personal achievements in those games
    • Include links to any social media you would like to share
    • What your goals are with your channel
    • How long you have streamed
    • What your schedule is (if you have one)
    • Are you a streamer, let us know if you would like some constructive feedback
    We're all here to support each other, checking out other intros and being active on the forums is a great way to network. There's power in numbers and together we can grow both as a community and as individual gamers.

    Please be mindful of other people's introductions and refrain from bumping your thread - the newer introductions get lost when people do this. Be active in the other forums and get to know your fellow Nubs!

    If you really dig ClubNub and want to help grow the community and show your support, feel free to add the image below to your panel info on Twitch, or bio on social media.

    On behalf of the community here, Welcome to ClubNub!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.