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    This thread is here to provide all the information you need about my Minecraft Mod Pack called LeavCraft.
    I suggest you take the time to read through the post entirely! This will answer all questions related to the pack and the server. DO NOT GET PISSY when my answer yo your question is a link to this post!

    1. What is LeavCraft?
    2. What mods ar ein LeavCraft?
    3. Current Version and patch notes.
    4. Where do I downlaod LeavCraft
    5. How do I play on your official LeavCraft Server?
    6. What is the Servers IP?
    Section 1
    What is LeavCraft?

    LeavCraft is a minecraft 1.7.10 modpack I created, update, and maintain. This pack was created for one purpose, a place for me and my viewers from my twitch channel twitch.tv/leavaris to play together. The pack has 70-ish or so mods in it but is built to be light weight on both the server and clients! Many of my viewers play on low end PCs with only 1gb of ram and the pack runs fine.

    Section 2
    What mods are in LeavCraft?

    As of Version 1.3 (Oct 8th 2015's patch)
    - AgriCraft
    - AppleCore
    - AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs
    - Backpacks
    - Better Storage
    - BibloCraft
    - BibloCraft: BibloWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition
    - BibloCraft: BibloWoods Biomes Natura Edition
    - Biomes O'Plenty
    - Carpenter's Blocks
    - Chisel 2
    - CodeChickenCore
    - CoFH Core
    - Colorful Armor
    - Custom Main Menu
    - Death Counter
    - DecoCraft2
    - Dense Ores
    - Doors O'Plenty
    - Ender IO
    - EnderCore
    - Extra Carts
    - Extra Utilities
    - Fastcraft
    - FastLeafDecay
    - Headcrumbs
    - Hopper Ducts
    - Hunger Overhaul
    - InfiniBows (Fix)
    - Inventory Tweaks
    - Iron Chest Carts
    - Iron Chests
    - Jabba
    - JourneyMap
    - Mantle
    - MineTweaker RecipyMaker
    - MineTweaker
    - Morpheus
    - MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod
    - Natura
    - NEI Addons
    - NEI Integration
    - NetherOres
    - No Mob Spawning on Trees
    - NotEnoughItems
    - Pam's HarvestCraft
    - Resource Loader
    - Storage Drawers
    - Storage Drawers: Biomes O'Plenty Pack
    - Storage Drawers: Natura Pack
    - TiC Tooltips
    - Tinkers Construct
    - Tinkers' Mechworks
    - WAILA
    - WAILA Harvetability
    - WAILA Plugins
    - WAILA-features
    - Openblocks
    - Railcraft
    - Chance Cubes
    - ImmersiveEngineering
    - immersiveintegration
    Section 3
    Current Version and patch notes.

    Current version is 1.3

    - Chance Cubes
    - ImmersiveEngineering
    - immersiveintegration

    Updated Forge version
    Added Openblocks
    Added Railcraft

    Chisel 2 rolled back to version Chisel2-
    mod author stated for people to roll back due to a crash bug in the newest version

    Changed chainmail recopies to prevent an iron to steel exploit
    Added new Headcrubs
    Added spash texts and logo image
    Removal of mousetweaks, causing issues and duplication of items
    Updated the following:
    storrage drawers
    chisel 2

    Changes to Extra Utilities

    Added Extra Utilities
    Adjusted Hunger overhauls configs

    Small adjustments as technic wasnt picking up the files.

    First Upload to Technic.

    Section 4

    Where do I downlaod LeavCraft

    LeavCraft is currently on the Technic launcher located at http://www.technicpack.net
    The packs page is http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/leavcraft.717948
    Simply download and install the technic launcher and search for "LeavCraft" without the quotes and click install or you can add the following link into the launcher http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/leavcraft

    Section 5

    How do I play on your official LeavCraft Server?

    ** Bonus points if you register to our site! This isn't necessary but recommended as all discussion on the pack is done here on these forums. You can register at the top of the site, or click here Register via twitch

    The server is for regulars in my stream, its is a whitelisted server with permissions. You will need to be whitelisted and promoted in order to connect and do anything.

    To get whitelisted you will need 12 hours watched time on my stream (my bot keeps track), and 200 !lcoin (!lcoin is my streams currency. You gain it by simply being in my stream!) twitch.tv/leavaris

    You gain 1 !lcoin every 10 minutes of being in my channel while I am LIVE and 1 lcoin every 30 minutes while im not live.

    Donatiors and Patreons earn !lcoin at a faster rate. $5+ 2x, $10+ 3x, and $20+ 4x. For example If little johhny donates $10 he becomes a VIP Bronze, earning him 3 !lcoin per 10 minutes rather than 1.

    Each month on the 1st of the month the whitelist is removed and started fresh. The server cost 200 !lcoin monthly to join. This ensures players keep active within the community!

    ** If you paid your 200 lcoin after the 15th of the month, you will be good until the following month. Example Little johnny pays 200 !lcoin on august 19th, hes good until October 1st (not September 1st)**

    Section 5

    What is the server IP ?

    That is the IP NOT a website!
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  2. Leavaris

    Leavaris Administrator Staff Member

    When you are ready to join the server, and you meet the above requirements, let leavaris know in twitch chat, while he LIVE and I will whitelist and promote you and remove your 200 !lcoin
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