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    Heya guys. I am a streamer and passionate gaming dad. I would say to stop by and check out my stream but, i have taken a break until i can find a decent schedule that fits my family. Most likely will be on weekend and a few odd streams throughout the week. Twitch.tv/minecraftingdad.

    I have this problem with attaching myself to certain games and playing them into exhaustion. At the moment that game is Rocket League. I am looking forward to getting things back on track shortly and looking forward to what ClubNub has to offer. The future looks very promising.

    I am a strong believer in supporting the small streamer community and promoting my fellow casters. It is enjoyable to have conversations with people and just generally have a good time while playing a game or hanging out together.

    I look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Thanks for reading a little about me. Feel free to stop by anytime and say hello.