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  1. MrDopehead

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    Sup guys!

    I'm MrDopehead. I'm 21 years old and I live in Denmark. I'm currently taking a year off before I start university, so I spend most of my time gaming and drinking. ^^

    I mostly play WoW and have been playing since WotLK, used to be semi-hardcore, but now just casual. I also play a bit of Rocket League and Hearthstone whenever I feel like it.

    I do have a stream, I have been streaming for about a year now, but I haven't had many viewers, which is due to 2 main things; people don't really wanna watch casual WoW gamers and I don't have a streaming schedule, I just stream whenever I feel like it (mostly whenever I drink). If you wanna drop by and say cheers, and maybe even give me some feedback, then you're welcome at

    Have a good one ;)
  2. Draghpesoj99

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    Ahh hej! Haha I have a very limited Danish vocabulary, but I thought I should try to learn to speak with some friends of mine. I'm a 4th generation American, my most known side of the family having immigrated from Denmark. Anyways, I'll be sure to check out your stream sometime!
  3. MrDopehead

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    If you want I can teach you a few key phrases which might impress your grandparents? :)
  4. Draghpesoj99

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    Sure! I only have one grandparent left who I would be able to impress, but I would love to learn more for being able to speak with some friends of mine who live there. As of right now, I only know very basic greetings, introductions, questions, and how to count lol.
  5. MrDopehead

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    Well then we should hang out on TS or something at some point :D