#RockBeatsLeav Design Competition!

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By pixel on Apr 23, 2016 at 9:52 AM
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    I want to give Leavaris a one-of-a-kind birthday present. Wearable Self-Admitted Humiliation!

    See, Leav has this things with rocks. They ALWAYS triumph over him.

    BDO? Horse stuck on a rock.
    Ark? Same, but with a dinosaur.
    Cross-out? Stuck again.

    Time and time again, Leavaris, a man of the INFORMATION AGE... has lost to and raged because of digital replicas of the STONE AGE. As one stream viewer pointed out... Rocks are Leav's NATURAL enemy.

    I want to immortalize this little fact on a T-Shirt. So I'm having a design contest.

    Here are the basic rules:
    • Any designs are acceptable so long as they're a unique and original (aka your own) creation.
    • Must include "#RockBeatsLeav" within the design and tie in to the concept behind the shirt.
    • REMEMBER this is being screen printed. That means anything that cannot be accurately displayed with as few as 3-5 colors will significantly raise the cost of the end product.
      • If you feel like you can do ok with 3-5 but want to show it off in full flair, submit the 3-5 color version with other options attached.
    • Artists are encouraged to sign the design/artwork. I will do everything in my power to make sure your signature is quite legible. I don't need you to make it huge. Stay classy with it. This is more of a badge of honor/bragging rights, less of an advertising opportunity.

    How do I submit my entry?:
    • Submit entries directly to Pixel via Discord.
    • All entries must be received by May 25th 2016 @ 11:59:59 PM Eastern (-5 GMT).
    • Pixel will select and announce the winning design by June 1st 2016 @ 11:59:59 PM Eastern (-5 GMT).

    Upon submission of an entry, you as an individual are agreeing to the following:

    The artist of the winning entry is transferring all legal and artistic license, claims, and rights as the creator of the concept, design, and original creation and any future replications; directly to MrPixelTech. The artist understands that they will NOT be allowed to use the work any further outside of referencing it for a professional portfolio.

    The above in plain English is this: If you submit an entry, that means you agree to the stuff above. The stuff above says If you win, I get all ownership/claim/rights/etc when it comes to the design - It's mine, I own it at that point. Because you would have voluntarily, and willingly, agreed to transfer those things to me. Just to be clear, if you win, you have no more rights to it.

    I'm clearly beating a dead horse here... but I want to make sure there's no confusion over whether or not we can run like... a limited edition reprint of the shirt for you guys, etc in the future. And so you don't feel robbed because you didn't understand that it's mine, and not yours anymore. Ok, I'm done...

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Discussion in 'ClubNub News' started by pixel, Apr 23, 2016.