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    Hey all, Draghpesoj here! And to clear up some confusion, I have always pronounced that as drag-hip-eh-sodge, but I've also just been called "Drag" or "drag-h-peso-j". Quite the confusion for one little name haha. Anyways, my favorite games have to be Skyrim, Terraria, and Minecraft. In Skyrim, I've was able to complete every single quest on Xbox360 before switching to PC, in which I furthered my expertise in nearly every playstyle. In Terraria, I enjoy finding new and unorthodox strategies and trying different ways to progress through the game. As for Minecraft, I love incorporating different types of architecture into the game and studying mod combinations. Currently, I'm a little too busy with school to dedicate a ton of time to gaming, but when I can pinch some free time I'd love to play some Minecraft, Terraria, or maybe even some Ark with the community!